When it's time to ring in the New Year, do you aim high with resolutions to improve your health and finances, or skip them altogether? Every year, millions of Americans include a financial resolution among their New Year’s goals. Two of the most popular financial resolutions—save more money and pay off debt—are too vague to create a long-term change in behavior. If you want to make a lasting change this year, start with specific, measurable goals that are within reach.

Look at Your Previous Year's Finances

A quick review of your budget and spending habits over the past year can help you zero in on specific goals. Look at the amount you spent in different categories over a given timeframe. Review the amount of money you saved in retirement, investment or savings accounts. Then take a look at your current debt load. You may uncover small ways to gain control in all four areas.

See for yourself which financial resolution best fits your goals in the New Year: